Know more about ASLIN

Committed to the provision of highest quality sign language interpreting in Nigeria. The deaf community we keep seeking to serve!

About Us

From the beginning our aims have been simple: to encourage good practice in sign language interpreting, ensuring accurate information dissemination and supporting our fellow professionals. ASLIN is a professional membership association with strong support network for Nigerian Sign Language (NSI) interpreters in Nigeria. Our membership includes those who work as interpreters and translators and people who support our aims.

Our Vision

To lead and to promote sign language interpreting across Nigeria in all sectors, giving every Deaf timely access to information needed for daily living.

Our Mission

To have interpreters in all local governments in Nigeria whether amateur or professional, ensuring high quality interpreting, and fair working conditions for our members.

Core Values

Work in partnership with Deaf associations on sign language interpreting issues, developing and promoting standards for high quality training, education and assessment of Terps.

ASLIN Objectives:

  • To promote the profession of sign language interpreting in Nigeria.
  • To facilitate the integration of the deaf in the society.
  • To have a common acceptable sign language in Nigeria.
  • To promote a platform for the empowerment of the deaf through information sharing and/or in collaboration with media organizations or associations.
  • To enhance the deaf individual’s ability, bringing their potentials into full play; helping them to have right self-value and to participate in the society.
  • To promote the raising and maintenance of standards in sign language interpreting.
  • To encourage training and other initiatives.
  • To provide information for interpreters and consumers.
  • To promote research into areas of relevance to interpreters or interpreting services.
  • To advise and cooperate with others interested in sign language interpreting.
  • Host conferences and seminars, liaise with spoken language interpreter organisations and other organisations having common interests
  • To represent the interests and views of sign language interpreters and the interpreting profession in Nigeria.

Associations & Memberships

ASLIN is structured by Zones and State Chapters. Each member is expected to belong to a chapter and pay annual dues to remain active. We are currently expanding our scope, Deaf and Hard of  Hearing interpreters are welcome to join us.