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Who we are

The Association of Sign Language Interpreters of Nigeria is the Umbrella body of the sign language interpreters of Nigeria and is aimed at developing the profession of sign language interpreters within the country. The association started in Nigeria in 2007 with the official meeting organized in Jos, Plateau State, Nigeria. The Meeting was organized by Christian Rochester, a Canadian Deaf Blind woman that came to Nigeria to volunteer with Voluntary Services Overseas(VSO), a united Kingdom charity organization. As part of Ms. Rochester (Coco) in Nigeria, she was accompanied by Stacy Spicely who also worked to train us along Coco as her interpreter.

During the period of its establishment the Association was assisted by late Mr. Ezekiel Sambo, an alumnus of the prestigious Gallaudet University in the United State. Mr Sambo drafted our code of ethics while serving as a part-time lecturer of the Special Education Department of the University of Jos.

Aslin became a legally register association on the 15th of August, 2015 with 5 board members, namely:

Senator. Tanko Umaru Almakura (Deaf) – Chairman

Mrs. Rasheedat Okoduwa (Parent of the Deaf) – Member

Mr. Usman Nahuche (Deaf) – Member

Dr. Odutola Odusonya (Deaf) – Member

Mr. Timothy Tinat (Sibling of the Deaf) – Secretary

We have carried out other trainings in the area of professional capacity development and find below some of the trainings:

Professional Development training for Interpreters in Ghana and Nigeria
Southwest Regional Workshop, Lagos.
South South Regional training workshop, Edo.
South East Regional Training Workshop, Enugu.
Africa Federation of Sign language Interpreters conference, Abuja
Study tour visit to Sweden for ASLIN and NNAD.
Training of Trainers in Orebro, Sweden.
Participant of WASLI Conference, Durban, South Africa, 2011
Participant of WASLI conference, Istanbul, Turkey, 2015
The association has also developed several documents to support the governance development of the association and this was supported by VSO which resulted in the design and drafting of our strategic Plan. We also built partnership and affiliation with WASLI, Swedish interpreters Agency, Nigeria National Association of the Deaf and Educational Sign Language Interpreters of Nigeria ESLIAN.

Late Fatima Yusu

Late Fatima Yusuf was the first President of the Association while Mr. Timothy Tinat served as the Secretary of the Association. After our training in 2007, the leadership of late Fatima Yusuf was self sacrificial and went on to organize another trainings which was coordinated and facilitated by Mrs. Georgian Ugah who made it possible to bring together Rev. (Mrs) Pfinister and Professor Joan, both missionaries from the USA to organized training for interpreters on pattern communication. This training was hosted by the Chairman of the board Senator Tanko Almakura (Deaf) and former governor of Nasarawa state, Nigeria. Our continue concern on the poor level of education of sign language interpreter o professional developments was a key priority to our development. However we are committed to the development of the profession in Nigeria.

It was a devastating moment for the Association when we lost Mrs. Fatima Yusuf the National President of the Association. It took ASLIN 2 years to fill in the vacuum in our leadership for the organization to move forward.

In 2011 we chatted a new direction to move on and Mr. Tinat was nominated to preside over the activities of the association with other new executives that supported the need to get new leadership involved. The New leadership have Samuel Oluwadare as Secretary, Lola Ogundeji as Vice President, Khinde Ogunbiyitan as the Publicity Secretary Rev (Mrs.) Georgian Ugah as Financial Secretary, Victoria Olowosulu as Treasurer and Peter Oyekale as the Chief Whip. This team constituted the present leadership of the Association.

National Excos

Timothy TINAT – National President

Mr. Lola Ogundeji – Vice President

Samuel Oluwadare – National Secretary

Mrs. Georgian Ugah – Financial Secretary

Victoria Olowosulu – Treasurer

Khinde Ogunbiyitan – Publicity Secretary

Peter Oyekale – Chief Whip

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