How Do I Become a Nigerian Interpreter

How Do I Become a Nigerian Interpreter?

The basic criteria of becoming an interpreter in Nigeria is for an individual to be fluent in Sign Language and English or any other language which could be Hausa, Igbo or Yoruba (3 major languages in Nigeria) or you can be good in other spoken native languages.

If you have achieved the above criteria you can then move on to ensure that you register with your state chapter of ASLIN. Ensure that you attend meetings, workshops and other social events in your state. Register as a member and pay your annual dues and this dues varies from state to state.

At a moment we don’t have assessment or certification procedure, but we are working closely with partners in the industry to ensure that we have an accreditation body that will be saddled with the accreditation and testing of professionals in the field. Now, proficiency as an interpreted can only be attested by your relationship with your local deaf communities and that is why we request that as part of membership requirements you should get a letter of recommendation from your local Deaf chapter of Community (Church, Mosque, school etc)

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